When You Catch a Tagged Bass...

1.  You can remove the tag and release the fish (you may do this too if you

     are in a tournament and want to cull your bass?

2.  If you need assistance you can visit one of our participating

     bait and tackle shops around Grand Lake


3.  Call the Grand Lake Association at 918-786-2289 and give them your tag




the 2015 extravaganza is closed. Please check back here or contact the Grand Lake Association ​for further information regarding future extravaganzas 918-786-2289

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1.  All persons, regardless of age or place of employment, are eligible to participate in the
     EXTRAVAGANZA; provided however, that any participant under the age of eighteen (18) must

     have a parent or guardian co-sign the entry form or, if an on-line entry is utilized, the parent or 
     guardian must be listed with address and contact information.
2.  Participants must have entered the event prior to catching an eligible (current 2015 tag)
    “tagged” fish. 
3.  All participants agree, upon submitting an official entry form, to submit to a polygraph test if 
     requested by the GLA Fishing Event Committee.  The GLA Fishing Event Committee will make all

     final  decisions relating to eligibility and validity of all winners.
4.  An initial prize of $50.00 will be given to all participants catching and reporting the tag number of            their tagged fish.  The fifty dollar ($50) prize money will be presented to the participant within

     fourteen days from the date the GLA receives the report of the catch along with the tag number.  
     Method of payment of the initial prize money may be made with a check mailed to the 
     participant or via a refund to the participant’s credit card, such to be at the discretion of the 
5.  Winners of the remaining $55,000 guaranteed prize monies will be determined by a drawing 
     from all of the reported tags at the Event Banquet to be held at the INDIGO SKY CASINO prior
     to November 17, 2015, the specific date to be announced.
6.  Fishing Prize winners ARE NOT required to be present at the Event Banquet to receive their 
7.  There are two, $2,500 cash DOOR PRIZES that will be awarded DURING the event at INDIGO SKY                  CASINO.  The two DOOR PRIZE winners will be drawn from only those participants who

     are in attendance and present.   
8.  Only those participants who have caught and reported a tagged catch are eligible to attend the Event      Banquet, entry to the Event requires the presentation of the “tag” taken from the 
     participants catch, additionally, the “tag” will be the determining validation for claiming any of 
     the cash prize giveaways at the Event.
9.  The GLA Fishing Committee will release 500 tagged fish prior to April 1, 2015 in a random and                     undisclosed procedure.
10.  In order to be eligible for prize winnings, all tag catches MUST BE REPORTED PRIOR TO 
       NOVEMBER 3, 2015.