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GLA Bass Extravaganza
You must register by purchasing a ticket to participate in the Tagged Bass Event.  Each ticket is $20 and there is only one ticket per angler.  Each angler must have a fishing license and a proof of registration to turn in a tagged fish.  A fishing license is not necessary to purchase a ticket, however.

​To win you must catch a tagged bass during the event time-frame of April 1, 2015 – Oct. 31, 2015.  You must have previously purchased a ticket and a fishing license before a tagged fish can be caught and counted.  Any fish that is caught , the angler may be subject to a polygraph test. *See official rules.

Indigo Sky Casino is sponsoring all cash prizes
Every person who turns in a tagged bass will be entered
into a drawing for the $25,000 Guaranteed prize

Each Tagged bass will be paid $100 Cash  upon turning in tag.